Organization Behaviour

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Business ethics Pages: 5 (825 words) Published: December 18, 2012
1. Importance of case studies
* Problem framing, analysis, solving
* sharing
* listening
* ambiguity tolerance
* sensitizing
2. What is profession?
* providing services
* adding value
* regulatory agency
* expertise
* knowledge and skills
* high standard of conduct and integrity
* code of conduct
3. Ethics according to oxford
The moral principle that governs a person's behaviour or conduct of an activity 4. Morality according to oxford
A set of principles concerning the difference between right and wrong 5. Law according to oxford
A system of rules recognised by a country for governing the actions of its member & to administer justice for all 6. Some Universal principle
* Truth
* Non-killing/ non - violence
* Respecting elders
* Not deceiving others
* Do unto others...
* Whatever makes you feel sad/bad/guilty
* Law of karma

There are always CONSEQUENCES whether u do work or not....

7. 6 source of ethics
* Market system
* Social Adaption
* Professional code
* Law of the land
* Rituals and Symbol
* Organization as vehicles of Ethics

8. 16 Basic values
* Controlled greed
* Pursuit of pleasure
* Efficiency
* Truthfulness
* Transparency and honesty
* Compassion and Charity
* Piety
* Sacrifice
* Stoic dignity
* Righteous pride
* Camaraderie and fraternity
* trust
* Tolerance/pulralism
* Gratitude and respect
* Harmony with self, society and nature

9. Structure of decision making
* Identify the problem
* Generate alternate solution----ethics is involve
* Evaluate cost----ethics is involve
* select and test-check solution----ethics is involve
* implement chosen solution

10. Definition of business ethics
Conducting business with honesty and integrity, in a lawful and responsible manner, for benefiting all the stakeholders 11. Corruption means
* Lack of integrity and honesty
* susceptibility to bribe
* use of position of trust for dishonest
* Dowry system
12. Some ethics but not law
* Love your wife/children/family
* Be considerate to others
* Teach your student well
* Ensure courteous service to customer
* Take participative decision
* Be truthful
* Be kind to the crippled
* Don't lush after others
13. What is Whistle blowing
An attempt by an employee/former employee of an organization to disclose what he proclaims to be a wrong-doing in by that organization 14. Whistle Blowing is necessary in area like
* Defective vehicles
* Waste of government funds
* Misuse of pension funds
* Discrimination by age/sex/race
* industrial dumping of pollutants
* Deceptive advertising
* Monopolistic price rating
* Government power used for private gain
* Corruption
Business do exists to make profits, but Business Ethics exists to set parameters for earning that Profits 15. Corporate Governance include
* Efficient decision making
* Appropriate resource allocation
* Strategic planning
* Work-life balance for employee
* Transparency
* honesty and integrity
* Promoting ethical climate
16. Corporate governance enhances
* Stakeholder value
* Company morale
* Productivity therefore profit
* Company reputation
* Social contribution
* National interest
* Global welfare
CG and CSR were a luxury a few years back;
Today they are desirable; tomorrow they will be a necessity; or even mandatory 17. To hire people we should look on three imp qualities
* Integrity
* Intelligence
* Energy
18. Ethical value you acquire from
* Family
* school
* college
* friends
* relatives
* society
* media
* religion
* books
* meditation
19. Importance to save Earth
More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of saving mother earth. After all, we only have one...
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