CSR Initiatives by Telenor

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  • Published : July 9, 2011
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Our commitment
Telenor Group strives to maximise the impact of telecommunications, create shared value for society and shape a sustainable future. Telecommunications has an enormous potential to add value to people`s lives and to create a positive impact. As a responsible telecom operator, our primary goal is to share the benefit of communications with the people in our markets, maximise the value of our services for the wider society, contribute to social and economic growth, and help shaping a sustainable future. Our key strategic CR ambitions in Telenor Group are:

* Creating shared value for Telenor and society by extending the benefits of mobile communications to a wider audience. Our  CR initiatives and projects are built on the company’s core competence – communications; and are designed to create shared value for the target group as well as Telenor. * Ensuring responsible business practices across the organisation through a strong focus on systematic and continuous improvement, transparent non-financial accounting and communication with our stakeholders. This includes responsible business practices both within the organisation and in relevant parts of the supply chain. Communications as Enabler

Using mobile communications to make positive change in people’s lives.

Mediator at work in a Roma settlement.
Telenor Group’s “Enable” strategy focuses on the transformative potential of telecommunications. Mobile communications enables people to access and share vital information, making a positive impact on their lives. Telenor Group encourages all of its Business Units to develop local projects that are in line with the Enable concept and the general principles of business integrated CR. Through these strategic, communications-based projects Telenor and its specialized partners are able to make positive contributions to society. The Povezivanje project in Serbia

One example of the transformative power of mobile technology is Telenor’s “Povezivanje” project in Serbia. Telenor Serbia, in partnership with UNICEF Serbia and the Serbian Ministry of Health, are now working to improve health information and access to health services for the Roma population of Serbia. 60 Roma women trained as health mediators

Through the Povezivanje project, approximately 60 Roma women have been trained by health authorities to be health mediators. These women serve as the bridge between the official Serbian health system and the Roma communities. For example, the mediators are able to provide critical health information, such as the importance of vaccinations and prenatal care, via SMS to Roma families. Steady increase in use of mobile services

Since the launch of the project in April 2010, Telenor has witnessed a steady increase in the use of mobile services and the improved communication between the mediators and Roma families. In addition, these families are now able to instantly call for emergency assistance, for example when a woman is going into labour. Safer Communities

Telenor Group strives to give customers the full benefit of its communications solutions, while keep safety in mind.

Telenor Group strives to give customers the full benefit of its communications solutions, while keep safety in mind.

We follow strict guidelines to ensure safe electromagnetic exposure. Safer Services
Telenor Group strives to give customers the full benefit of its communications solutions, while keep safety in mind.

Mobile communications brings more useful services to more people. From staying in touch to reaching out for help during emergency situations, the mobile phone helps keep people safe. Telenor takes measures to ensure a safe experience for its users, helping to ensure that the mobile phone remains a tool for opportunity and not abuse. Creating a safe experience for youth

Advanced communications tools mean great responsibility for the user as well as the operator, particularly concerning younger users. The Internet offers...
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