Topics: Telecommunication, Profit, Deregulation Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: May 28, 2011
To analyse the issues that are facing Singapore Telecom (SingTel), I’m using the Internal Analysis. Internal analysis is the systematic evaluation of the key internal features of an organization . This is the area where organization will find it difficult to do well in. It focuses on the strengths and weaknesses that give the organization certain advantages and disadvantages in providing the needs of its target markets. Strengths is usually related to its competitors as the organization’s core competencies as it give the organization, in this case, Singapore Telecom an advantage over its competitors in offering a total service provider of the telecoms business . Weaknesses on the other hand refer to the restrictions that SingTel faces when developing or implementing their strategy. This should be assessed from a customers viewpoint as customers often identifies frailty that SingTel cannot see. These are the issues that are facing SingTel.

1998 – 1999 Asia regional economic crisis
Economic growth slowed down.
Downward pricing.
High employees turnover rates.
Faced increasing competition locally and abroad
Entry of M1 in 1997 and StarHub (in fixed-line telecoms sector) in 1999. •Corporate customers high expectation.
Threatened by the deregulation, privatization and technological advancement •Falling profit margin.
Internet telephony/Virtual Private Networks.
Wireless communication with mobile phones.
Competition from foreign callback service.
Sophisticated and demanding customers
Expects a consistently high quality of service and supported the liberalization of telecoms markets and global unification of technological and regulatory standards . •SingTel is the bigger culprit in trying to confuse consumers in charging different rates. Foreign investments

China and India telecommunications infrastructure undeveloped. •Service availability and quality lagged.
England and Western Europe investment were not profitable. •Success...
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