Organisational Behavior

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  • Published : June 12, 2012
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Organisational behavior is the study and understanding of individual and group behavior and patterns of structure in order to help to improve the organization’s performance and effectiveness. (Mullins Laurie J.2007, Management and Organisational Behavior ,8th Edition) Organisational behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals ,groups and structures have on behavior within the organization. It is an interdisciplinary field that includes sociology,psychology,communication and Management and it compliments the academic studies of the organisation theory and human resources studies. ( http;eni wickipedia .org/w/index php) Organisational behavior is concerned with the study of the behavior of people within an organization setting and involves the understanding and control of the behavior factors that influence the performance of people as members of an organization. Organisational behavior also means the understanding of behaviour of people ,management processes , the organizational context and environmental influences combined to drive organizational processes and the execution of tasks. Organizational behavior considers both the formal aspects of organization , and the informal one which may have powerful influence on the individual through the power of the group. According to Mullins J Laurie , Management and organizational Behavior 8th Edition describes Five Variables that influence the behavior of its employees concerning the nature of organization. (i) Individual

Without the individual members organization will not be made up. That means the individual whether action acting in isolation or as part of a group in response ( ii) The Group
Groups exists in all organisations and are essential to their working and performance. The organization comprises of groups of people and almost everyone will be a member of one or more groups in an organization. People in groups...
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