Operational Plan

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Assesment activity

Manage operational plan
Assignment Introduction
My name is Joan Simon, I am 26 years old and I am an employee of the company called Bigsport.com which is an on-line store specialised in selling football clothes and equipment. I have just been promoted to the position of sales manager and now I have 13 people to look after (eight sales representatives, two key account managers and three merchandisers).

Planning and monitoring system
First of all I will have to meet my team and set up goals.
What is to be done (target)? When is to be done (target date)?

How it will be done

Who will do it?

Increase sales by 20%

By the end of year 2012

Promotion Advertising Market the business Budget Business development

All tasks will be devided among team members

I need to start by setting up a new monitoring system with my staff and customers to monitor my sales and budget. The new system will help manage both of these. I will need all my managers and representatives to have computer logins or swipe cards to monitor everyday sales. Also I am going to set up a membership scheme with my customers, similar to ‘flybys’ so we can audit what our customers are spending and also to track the items being sold, this will help to monitor our popular items and also help with stock flow.

All of this can be organized on an excel sheet and be monitored on monthly, quarterly and annually spread sheets. I am also going to organize my employee’s annual and sick leave. Best way to monitor this is to have a large business calendar in the office clearly marking out all staffs leave to help rotate it equally and so that I have staff on high peak months. . All of the above needs to be actioned straight away to start an effective management program and to establish herself to the team as their new manager and introducing fresh and new ideas. As a formal planning and monitoring aid I am going to use the Gantt chart and set up key performance...
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