Recording, Analysing and Using Human Resource Information

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To comply with legislative and regulatory requirements, the organisation in question is required to keep records for the HMRC as they can request to see information at any time such as the number of employees in the company, hours worked and payment. Employers are required to keep records of the amounts that their employees are paid. If an employee claims that he or she has been paid less than minimum wage, the Low Pay Commission can inspect the employees record to confirm the accusation. The minimum level of pay is set by the National Minimum Wage Act 1998 which all organisations must follow. Training and performance records should also be kept for each employee. This enables line managers and learning & development to assess individual productivity and performance to help each employee reach their full potential and increase productivity for the organisation.

There are a few types of data collected in an organisation. The first is organisational records such as recruitment and selection records, learning and development records, absence and staff turnover. These types of records allow the HR department to monitor employment levels and recruit when needed and also monitor sickness and absence to determine if there is anything the organisation can do to cut down on sickness levels. Absence costs the organisation money and managing the data is essential to help this. The other type of data that is collected is statutory regords such as national insurance contributions, tax, hours worked, sickness and SSP. These records ensure that the HR deparment abide by all regulatory requirements.

This organisation has 34 stores and tends to employ many students and temporary workers during busy periods. I would suggest using a computerised personnel information system, which can be used across a number of stores to hold personnel records and data. Additional functions could be added to the standard package and record absence management, training records, payroll...
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