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Operation Management:
Operations Management activities are at the core of all business organizations.

Main Tenets of Operation Management:
* Facility Management
* Capacity Planning
* Forecasting
* Quality Management
* Inventory Management
* Resource Management

Sodexho Dinning Services:
Sodexho, Inc. is the leading provider of integrated food and facilities management services in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, serving 10 million customers in 6,000 locations every day. Our dedication to excellent service, corporate citizenship, and fighting hunger all come from one goal - to make every day a better day. Quality of Life Services for:

Senior Services
Colleges and Universities
School Districts
Independent Schools
Corporate Environments
Federal Government
Military Bases
Remote Sites
Conference Centers
Leisure & Entertainment
Goal Of the company:
Sodexho's goal is to drive greater satisfaction, Everyday. Meeting their global responsibilities and the needs of our communities and our world is a part of who we are. Diversity and inclusion, sustainability, wellness, and fighting hunger are fundamental to Sodexho's commitment to making every day a better day for us all. Café Scribe at University of Bridgeport:

Café scribe is the café which is stared in fall 2009.It is located at the 1st floor of the library. It serves drinks and snacks. Its working hour 8 am. To 10 p.m. he café is the under service of the Sodexho dinning services. Menu of Scribe Café:

Fresh Brewed Coffee| Expresso Drinks|
Regular| Cappuccino|
Decaf| Caffe Latte|
Iced Coffee| Café mocha|
Flavor Shot| Carmel Macchito|
Special Tea| Expresso:|
Tazo hot Tea| Expresso|
Tazo Iced Tea| Extra shot|
Tazo Chai Tea| |
Hot Chocolate| |

Data Collection at Café Scribe:

Time| Customer| Utilization| safety|
8:30-9:00| 18| 75%| 25%|
9:00-10:00| 34| 71%| 29%|
10:00-11:00| 42| 88%| 13%|
11:00-12:00| 26| 54%| 46%|
12:00-13:00| 29| 60%| 40%|
13:00-14:00| 33| 69%| 31%|
14:00-15:00| 40| 83%| 17%|
15:00-16:00| 33| 69%| 31%|
16:00-17:00| 35| 73%| 27%|
17:00-18:00| 27| 56%| 44%|
18:00-19:00| 27| 56%| 44%|
19:00-20:00| 12| 25%| 75%|
20:00-21:00| 8| 17%| 83%|
Average| 28| 61%| 39%|
average flow time| 75seconds| |
effective capacity| 48| | |

General Ideas and problems about the data:
1. The café is suffering from a very high utilization, a very low safety stock and a very long waiting time. 2. The Café needs another pair of work station.
3. It is unreasonable to put only 1 employee during second peak. 4. Most people want coffee which needs a longer flow time.

Cafeteria layout theory

There are several features that you keep in mind when going to design a victorious cafeteria layout that including the kitchen layout, the workstations, the workflow, what kind of food and drink you serving, and how many customers you serve in a day including self serve and cook food. Apart from that the kitchen size itself is an important consideration with the kind of equipment to use into it. While structure all the features and considers and main focus should be on the budget finally say what you cafeteria look like. 5 Keys to a Great Cafeteria Kitchen Layout

An ultimate cafeteria layout is one that allow that employees to work without dumping on each other. If the employees have enough space in workstations that allow freely movement without any distraction will surely increase the effectively and efficiently of any cafeteria. The better the cafeteria layout the easier it would be for the employee to move the eatable stuff from one workstation to another workstation along with to prepare the food. But if the employees facing unnecessary dumping and distraction that lead to any accident will surely fall the cafeteria into red and stay there....
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