Induction Report

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Terms of Reference3
* Induction Checklist4
* Induction Pack 5
* How Induction will be carried out7
* Activities Carried out after Induction7
* Employment Legislation concerned with the Company8 * Appendix 1 10
* Appendix 212

1. Terms of Reference

I have been asked by an HR Consultant to complete a written report that deals with all the relevant issues pertaining to this consultancy contract for the Coffee Bar, including the assignment of carrying out the induction for the new employees to be completed by a deadline of 16 February 2012 details of this report will include an induction checklist, a list of items from the induction pack, an explanation of how the induction will be carried out, a description of activities to be carried out after initial induction and a description of how the induction will comply with current employment legislation.

1. Procedure

I have used the following procedures to in order to obtain the relevant information for the report:

2.1 The use of Internet and College Resources for information on the induction. 2.2 Government websites for the current employment legislation. 2.3 Internet and information from past inductions on how the induction should be carried out and what should be done after the induction.

2. Induction

3.4 Induction Checklist
The Induction checklist will consist of seven main parts which will be The Welcome, Who We Are, The Job, Our Policies, Our Systems, Personal Development, and Review of Induction Programme. The Welcome phase will consist of areas such as preparation which will include informing all staff of new employees, sending a welcome letter and welcome pack to the new employee and ensuring all certificates are up to date, the next part will be welcome which includes making the new employee feel welcome and at ease and informing them of important diary dates such as training days, after that will be introduction which is where we will introduce the new employee to staff and work area and the last part of The Welcome will be facilities where we will show new employees the current facilities such as car parking, first aid/accident book and smoking, alcohol and drugs policies. The second phase is Who We Are which starts with products and services which is where we show the new employee the products we offer and how to make them and also how to meet and greet customers, the next part is business plan which includes showing the employee the company's vision and objectives and how we review and measure our vision and objectives. The third phase is The Job which will include areas such as job title, objectives for the individual and expectations of the role. The fourth phase of the induction will be Our Policies which will cover the contract of employment and the handbook which contains, benefits and rights, policies and procedures and health and safety. The fifth phase is Our Systems with the first part being office systems which deals with aspects such as answering and transferring of telephones and leave or holidays, next is communications which includes employee contact list and regular meetings, after will be the kitchen systems which includes protocols on health and safety and food preparation, the last part of Our Systems will be finance which include areas such as budgets and financial responsibilities. The sixth phase is Personal Development which will include areas such as a one on one review process, individual development plan and rewards and incentives. The seventh and final phase of the induction is the Review of Induction Programme which will cover certain areas such as review progress at end of first day and the second dayde, building on induction programme from feedback given and to gather any employee development needs...
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