Operation Management

Topics: Surgery, Ophthalmology, Surgeon Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Consider the importance of the four Vs, volume,variety,variation in demand and visibility.how do they affect the organisation’s operation? What advantages does the organization gain from them?what disadvantages arise from tem? What strategies and actions does the organization employ to maximise the benefits and minimize the problems associated with them.

Volume – the Fyodorov method is devoted to a single type of eye surgical procedure carried out at high volume. Conventional eye surgery is likely to have far lower volume for each type of eye surgery, partly because it has a higher variety of surgical procedures/

Variety – as implied above, conventional eye surgery could deal with any sort of eye complaint, Fyodorov specialises in one type.

Variation – some types of eye surgery will be performed as emergencies, trauma injuries to the eye for example. These cannot be predicted in advance and are likely to cause turbulence in planning and some variation in demand level. Fyodorov’s method on the other hand, is used on non-urgent cases which can be queued (stored) as inputs to the process which will level demand on the process.

Visibility – both processes are relatively high visibility because the patient has to be there to be ‘processes’. However, the extra diagnostics and possibly multi-stage surgery required in conventional eye surgery could be seen as higher visibility.

2.What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach to eye surgery?

The advantages are largely concerned with the low cost of processing patients under the Fyodorov method which will result in lower prices for the surgery. The repetition involved may also allow industrial process control methods to improve the process technically and ensure a high level of conformance in the operation (that is, fewer mistakes). The limitations are that the process is extremely inflexible, it cannot cope with high variety. It could also be boring for surgeons, a class of...
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