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Topics: Surgery, Aortic aneurysm, Patient Pages: 4 (889 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Executive Summary
Sandy R Hill
Grand Canyon University
Nursing Leadership
Professor J. Turner
April 14, 2013
Company Description

Since 1890 Scripps has been an innovative healthcare system that has provided San Diego quality healthcare and has been recognized by Thompson Reuters as one of the “top 10 health systems” (Scripps Health, 2013, para. 3) based on the core mission values of quality, efficiency and respect (Scripps Health, 2013). In the past two years, San Diego hospitals have been investing in a new type of technology known as the hybrid operating room starting with UCSD Silpizo Center (UCSD, 2011).

Foreseeable Problem: No Hybrid Suite

Currently Scripps does not have a hybrid suite and to stay competitive with the competition and offer the best care for the community Scripps may want to take the necessary steps to consider hybrid technology. With the addition of a hybrid suite Scripps can secure a foothold in a shifting medical model of providing excellent multi-modal care in one visit. With a shift to minimally invasive surgery it is paramount to consider a hybrid in the early stages so that the competence level of the surgeon and staff are equal to or better than that of the community. If Scripps does not embrace this new type of surgical suite it may lose a valuable referral base that will be actively seeking for this type of modality. The addition of a hybrid suite is also in alignment with the new shift in medically treating patients from a “sickness model to a wellness care model” (Fitzhugh, 2012, p. 2) that is more holistic and encompassing.

Solution and Timing

The hybrid OR gives surgeons the ability to perform traditional, open surgery and minimally invasive, endovascular procedures on the same patient, at the same time, in the same place. Having the ability to perform imaging studies in the same room eliminates the need to move patients during a procedure and reduces the risk of infection under the O.R....
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