Mism Phs Case Study

Topics: Medicine, Illness, Health care Pages: 3 (610 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Prof. Gregory
Michael/Zhang Zheng

1. Create a table that lists the benefits to the patient and to the hospital of an enterprise system for patient medical information and for patient prescriptions and related medical therapies. Enterprise system| Benefits to the patient| Benefits to the hospital| Patient medical information| * Each patient will be identified and treated individually * It can provide more effective and professional treatment to patients * It became more efficient| * All those information will be collected accurately and completely * They can share patient’s information about their medical history * Treatment will become more efficient| Patient prescription| * Doctors may have a better understanding of their curing situation * Reduce time and save money * Decrease the risk of improper treatment| * It will save time in service delivery * It will reduce mistakes in treating patient and the total cost of health care * It also can Avoid some preventable errors| Related medical therapies| * Patients can save their time * Target more specific therapies for patients * It has the low-cost options among potential treatment strategies| * Previous therapies may help doctors to improve their current therapies. * Increase hospital image * Provide more complete treatment|

2. List the challenges faced by Partners in implementing an enterprise-wide electronic medical records system.

* There is not a standardized of patients’ information
* Without a standard, it is hard to manage those categories of artifacts * The quality of patients ‘data is low and it is not complete integrity of their files * They must provide some training for employees to learn and familiar with this system * They must make a hardware chose, built the networking and face to the capacity problem

3. What are the operational IT/MIS challenges and benefits posed by the systems now in...
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