Health Care Innovation

Topics: Surgery, Hospital, Robotic surgery Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: June 10, 2012
Healthcare Innovation


Sherika Derico

Healthcare Innovation
The healthcare industry is growing and technology is the way it is leading. Just recently the new electronic media has been introduced for the clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and doctor offices to use. What is next well what is next is all the newer technology that will start hitting surgical rooms such as the robotic. Robotic surgery is going to be less invasive for the patient which also means faster recovery time (da Vinci Surgery, 2012). Robotic surgery has been adopted rather quickly since 2007 over 205,000 surgeries have been done. Around the world da Vinci Robotic systems are being installed in hospitals (Barbash, M.D & Giled, Ph. D., 2010). There are quite a few surgeries that are eligible for this new technology of robotic such as prostate cancer, nerve sparing, cystectomy, and urinary, partial nephrectomy for kidney cancer, adrenalectomy for adrenal cancer and for lymph node dissection which is for testicular cancer (Stanford Hospital and Clinics, 2012). Due to all this new technology this will help patients with recovery time, the patients will be in less pain then they would have with a regular surgery. A patient will be able to return to work quicker even be able to return to regular everyday activities, the quality of life is even better (Stanford Hospital and Clinics, 2012). This surgery even benefits surgeons they have less time in the operating room and have a successful rate at removing all cancer without damaging other nerves that are around the area. The other advantage is that surgeons still have jobs because the robotic device needs a surgeon to operate it (Technology with Robotic Surgery, 2005). This type of surgery will help increase the livelihood of some people, especially the elderly individuals that are more of a risk when it comes to surgery. Since technology is taking off so fast, this type of robotic surgery will be around and continue...
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