Operation Management

Topics: Management, Operations management, Quality assurance Pages: 10 (3418 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Coursework of Operations Management Comparison and contrast of operation problems among Executive Holloware ltd., Oilpartz ltd. and London zoo Summary In this article, three operations management related cases are studied and analysed. The writer compares and contrasts similarities and differences in these cases in the following aspects: the transformation process model, types of operations, the objectives of operations. By looking into more detailed problems in each case, those more complex items such as quality improvement, process planning, capacity planning, scheduling/loading, are also illustrated. And finally, some key factors concerned with operations improvement and strategy are given to the cases. Operations management is the term used for the activities, decisions and responsibilities of operations managers who manage the production and delivery of products and services. Because the functions, characteristics are different in various companies, operations management themes will not always be the same in those societies. In the cases we studied, for example, Executive Holloware and London Zoo have to tackle the biggest problem of quality, while Oilpartz Ltd (in the case of I'll phone you back) is mostly concentrating on the capacity planning. Before we go deeper into those problems, let's first look at the basic similarities and differences in those companies. The transformation process model All operations conform a general model of INPUT-TRANSFORMATION-OUTPUT, however, every operation has its specific items. Executive Holloware and Oilpartz Ltd process materials because they are transforming their physical properties, unlike them, London Zoo processes customers, because they are concerned with transforming their psychological state, providing them with entertainment and education. Those inputs are different too. For the transformed resource, known as resources that are treated, transformed or converted, Executive Holloware and Oilpartz Ltd transfer raw materials, while London Zoo transfers customers. For the transforming resources, known as resources that act upon the transformed resources, three companies all need adequate and qualified buildings, labour, information, but animals are unique to London Zoo, while machineries are unique to Executive Holloware and Oilpartz Ltd. The outputs from transformation processes are products and services. It is obvious that Executive Holloware and Oilpartz Ltd give out products, that's why their outputs are tangible, storable, transportable, non-simultaneous (products are always produced prior to the customer receiving them), low-customer contact (customers have a low contact level with the operations which produce products). London Zoo provides services, that's why their outputs are totally different from that of the former two ones, their outputs are intangible, non-storable, non-transportable, simultaneous, highcustomer contact. Types of operations Although all operations are similar in that they all transform input resources into output products and services, they do differ in four important respects: ________The volume of their output; ________The variety of their output; ________The variation in the demand for their output;

________The degree of 'visibility' which customers have of the production of the product or service (also called the degree of customer contact). The volume dimension There are four critical factors in this dimension: repeatability, specialize, systemization and unit cost. In Oilpartz Ltd, they never accept orders for repetitive, high-volume work, working procedures are not standard, workers can operate on all the four types of machines, that's why they are doing a lowvolume output. But Executive Holloware is the leading supplier in the top-quality holloware, they are doing a high-volume output as well as London Zoo, which has a customer range of 4,000 to 18,000 everyday. The variety dimension Since Oilpartz Ltd is baring with complex customer...
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