Online Shopping vs Traditional Shopping

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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Online and Traditional Shopping
Introduction to Online Shopping
Online shopping has become a major outbreak in the world of Information Technology . Online shopping had been created for those shoppers who do not have the time and the money to go to a shop and they would rather go online and buy their things there . There has been a vast increase in the variety of products that are available online for the shoppers to buy . Online shopping has become a trend now with the new technologies and the interfaces that have allowed the customers to feel like they are really in a real shop . All these graphics and other technologies allow the customer to enjoy himself while he is shopping and have the impact of a real time shop .

Comparison of Online and Traditional Shopping
There have been a number of debates of whether online shopping is better than or more hectic than that of traditional shopping . The main idea that will be portrayed in this comparison is that online shopping is usually for those people who prefer to sit at home and do not really want to see the product physically before buying it .

Online shopping had been invented for those people who do not have the time to go to the shops and do all their shopping . Rather , they would prefer coming back home after work , switch to the internet and start their shopping . This would reduce their costs greatly than that of traditional shopping .

There are three factors that can help analyze the comparison between traditional an online shopping . These factors are the most important in any shopping and this is why they will be discussed . The discusses the comparison with the help of several websites and one by Barbara S . Chaparro .

The first factor is of convenience . According to several traditional shoppers , it is said that online shopping provides a great deal of nuisance and frustration because each time a customer wants to put something in his / her cart , there is...
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