Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar Shopping

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Online Vs. Brick-and-mortar shopping

In today’s economic society people are more cost conscious and look for sales and deals when they make purchases. As people are becoming more frugal in their spending, there are still millions of dollars spent annually on purchases. Today’s technology has helped with finding the best deals and although the basic concept of shopping has not changed, the way people shop has changed from brick-and-mortar shopping to logging online and shopping.

When thinking about going Christmas shopping or Back-to-School shopping, what is the first comes to mind? Crowded stores, sales, specials, and the traffic? What about the time spent going from store to store, to see what you are buying, to touch and try on, see the “true” color and know what you are buying firsthand? These things plus the ease of pulling out your wallet and either handing cash, a credit card or a check to the sales clerk that people both dread and look forward to when going on shopping trips. People like the personal touch that comes from going to a brick-and-mortar store, dealing with the salesperson, the cashiers and if necessary the management of the stores. “There are still many products and services—food, apparel, home decoration, and so forth—with significant "nondigital" attributes that some shoppers believe need sensory inspection (touch, feel, taste, smell), making them relatively difficult to sell online. Creative online sellers can overcome these impediments in part, but not entirely, and certainly not for all segments of shoppers. "Try before you buy" still holds.” (David Bell, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 2011) They like the personal interaction involved in the shopping trip. This has been the way of shopping for as long as there have been stores and people needing to purchase things from stores.

Today people are given an alternative to the brick-and-mortar shopping trip that has been the norm for so long. The popularity of online shopping has been growing as fast as technology has been perfecting it. Today we do not even have to leave our house to find the items we need, pay for them and have them delivered right to our front doors. When a person wants to purchase a specific item all they need to do these days is type the item into their search bar on their computer and they are given a list of places to get the item, different sales and prices all without having to worry about getting out of your pajamas. “It has been shown that 83 percent of consumers are more confident about making a purchase decision when conducting research online vs. speaking to a salesperson in a store and 79 percent report saving more time doing research online compared with in-store research.” (Pehr Luedtke, PowerReviews 2011) There are more stores, more opportunities for better prices, better chances to find better deals on what a person wants to purchase. Technology today has made it possible to find anything you may need to purchase from groceries and prescriptions to cars and vacation reservations. There is very little that a person may need that they cannot find online. These are the just some of the reasons that the face of shopping is changing as we know it. “The convenience and depth of the online shopping experience results in more educated shoppers whose research online has an impact on their purchases offline.” (Pehr Luedtke, PowerReviews 2011 ) Shoppers have come to desire a much more interactive and informed way to search, find, and purchase the items they want. It is no longer a “consumer beware” society, instead, consumers of today, are willing to take the extra steps to be more informed about the products they are purchasing and being able to find the item at the best price possible without leaving their house is making online shopping more popular today than ever before.

When online shopping started there were many people who were cautious about using it....
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