Online School vs. Traditional School

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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Online Schooling vs. Traditional Schooling

Kayla Kilburn


Charlotte Zavadil

Online Schooling vs. Traditional Schooling

A report done by SRI International for the Department of education came to the conclusion that on average students that take online classes perform better than students taking regular classes with face to face interaction.  (United States Department Of Education, 2010). There are many similarities and differences to online schooling and traditional schooling. There is no right or wrong way to get an education it is all based on ones learning preferences. Looking at the benefits one can get from each type of schooling can help one decide which would best fit into their life and help them succeed in getting the degree they want.

No matter what path one takes to getting a degree they still have to put in the same amount of work to get it. There is no “easier” way to get a degree. When one takes online classes they still have homework assignments that are due. They also still must participate to get a good grade in class. It is not like one can neglect their schoolwork and still expect to pass. If they are looking for the “quick and easy” way to succeed and get a degree they need to rethink things because there is not a quick and easy way to come about it. They need to put in substantial effort in either option for schooling they choose. One is required to take the same exams to obtain their degree or certifications. Whether they are choosing to go to a traditional school or online schooling both have instructors available whenever one may need them to help with work or any questions they may have. One would do this in online schooling by using their personal forum, or they can email their instructor directly. Where in traditional schooling it may be a little harder to find a time to talk to their teacher or have to go around their schedule for when they are available.

Looking at flexibility online...
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