Online Hotel Reservation

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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Feasibility study conducted once the problem is clearly understood.Feasibility study is a high level capsule version of the entire system-analysis and design process.The objective is to determine quickly and at the minimum expense how to solve the problem and to determine the problem is solved.The system has been tested for feasibility in the following ways.

Technical feasibility
Operational feasibility
Economical feasibility

Technical feasibility:
A study of function ,performance and constraints may effect the ability to achieve an acceptable system so ,that necessary function and performance are achieved with in the constraints uncovered during system analysis.The software developed for the automation of Hotel Reservation System is used in client server architecture with Ms Access as backend and .net1.3 as front end.Since the software is platform independent and has predefined functions and constraints such as to locate the charges ,validating functions etc.,so the project is technically feasible.

Operational feasibility:
The purpose of this project is to develop a
Web based system which facilitates on line reservation of hotel accommodation from any where in the world.The activities of the system such as data entry ,information retrieval ,updating and deletion of records from various tables etc are made easy .All the operators of this project are trained in this area.So this project is operational feasible.

Economical feasibility:
Economic analysis includes a broad range of concerns that include cost benefit analysis ,long term cooperative income strategies,cost of resources needed for development .In existing they had to maintain a large number of books/registers is a costly affair.This can be avoided by putting the data in the computer format that is cheaper and reliable.Since the cost of resources for development of system satisfies the organization,the software is economically feasible

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