Srs Hotel Management System

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Hotel Automation Software
[ Software Requirements Specification ]

Version <1.0>

Table of Contents

1.3Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations3
2.Overall Description4
2.1Product Perspective4
2.2Product Functions4
2.3User Characteristics5
3.Specific Requirements5
3.1External Interface5
3.1.1. User Interface5
3.1.2. Software Interface5
3.1.3. Hardware Interface5
3.1.4. Communication Interface6
3.2Functional Requirement6
3.3Purchased Components7

The following subsections of the Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document provide an overview of the entire SRS.


The Software Requirements Specification (SRS) will provide a detailed description of the requirements for the Hotel Automation Software (HAS). This SRS will allow for a complete understanding of what is to be expected of the HAS to be constructed. The clear understanding of the HAS and its’ functionality will allow for the correct software to be developed for the end user and will be used for the development of the future stages of the project. This SRS will provide the foundation for the project. From this SRS, the HAS can be designed, constructed, and finally tested.

This SRS will be used by the software engineers constructing the HAS and the hotel end users. The software engineers will use the SRS to fully understand the expectations of this HAS to construct the appropriate software. The hotel end users will be able to use this SRS as a “test” to see if the software engineers will be constructing the system to their expectations. If it is not to their expectations the end users can specify how it is not to their liking and the software engineers will change the SRS to fit the end users’ needs.


The software product to be produced is a Hotel Automation Software which will automate the major hotel operations. The first subsystem is a Reservation System to keep track of reservations and room availability. The second subsystem is the Catering System that charges the current room. The third subsystem is a Management System which caters for General Management Services and allows modification of subsystem information. These three subsystems’ functionality will be described in detail in section 2-Overall Description.

There are three end users for the HAS. The end users are the booking clerks, catering service representative and hotel managers. The first two have access to the Reservation and catering System respectively. The General Management System will be restricted to management users apart. The managers have access to the other systems as well.

Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations

SRS – Software Requirements Specification
HAS – Hotel Management System
Subjective satisfaction – The overall satisfaction of the system End users – The people who will be actually using the system


[1] The applicable IEEE standards are published in “IEEE Standards Collection,” 2001 edition.

[2] The principal source of textbook material is “Fundamentals of Software Engineering” by Rajib Mall (PHI 2009).


The SRS is organized into two main sections. The first is The Overall Description and the second is the Specific Requirements. The Overall Description will describe the requirements of the HAS from a general high level perspective. The Specific Requirements section will describe in detail the requirements of the system.

The Overall Description
This section describes the general factors that affect the product and its requirements. This section does not state specific requirements. Instead it provides a background for those requirements, which are defined in section 3, and makes them easier to understand.

Product Perspective
The HAS is an independent stand–alone system. It is totally self contained. The...
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