Hotel Reservation and Billing System

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Major System Features and Functions

The system will automate many of the manual procedures that are being used by management, front desk, and room services at the Hotel Computer Science. After preliminary analysis of the requirement specifications a system with the following functions will best satisfy the needs of the hotel management and staff. Hotel Management System Overview

The following level one data flow diagram characterizes the types of inputs and outputs and the interactions that the staff may expect from the hotel reservation system. Level One Data Flow Diagram

Breakdown of the System Modules
A more detailed analysis of the modules that will be involved in creating a functional hotel management system reveals the need to break the larger system down into a series of submodules. Each of these submodules has a well defined interface and a series of precise input and output requirements. The following level two data flow diagram breaks down the system more precisely into its component modules. Level Two Data Flow Diagram

The following textual description of the major system Features and functions further illustrates the information needs and the output of the various modules depicted in the level two dataflow diagram. 1) The ability to make inquiries and reservations

The system will be able to search for available rooms satisfying a given criteria (e.g. number of beds in room needed, smoking/non-smoking etc.). If rooms with the given criteria are found, the system will allow reservations for both, groups or individuals to be made. If told to do so the system will print seperate reports for all customers checking in for the day and all customers checking out. 2) Automate the room service aspect of the hotel

This feature of the system will automate some of the present manually carried out room service procedures (dropping of the Bill at the front desk). The kitchen staff will have electronic read access to the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Thus, if a customer calls for room service he/she can be informed what is on the menu. When the customer room number and name are entered the system will show a room service form and special requirements (e.g. allergies, vegetarian/non-vegetarian etc.) for the customer. This form has to be filled out by the staff member taking the phone calls. Once this form is filled and the customer is satisfied with his/her orders, the menu items chosen and the special requirements segment in the form will automatically appear in the kitchen. This system will also append all the orders to a list of orders for this customer and when checking out the customer bill will reflect these orders. 3) Ability to keep track of customer accounts, outstanding bills and sales This feature will allow the staff to view and print reports for outstanding customer bills, list of room service orders for each customer, phone bills, and total sales. 4) Ability to keep track of characteristics of rooms in the hotel The system will keep track of each room's characteristics i.e. the rate, whether it is a single, double, triple, handicapped, honeymoon, or a presidential suite. Whether it is for smokers/non-smokers. Is it reserved? If so then from what date? Is it occupied? or is it available? 5) Ability to store messages for customers

Upon check in, a customer electronic mail box will be created for the room. If there are any messages left for the customer during his/her absence, the front desk has to enter the messages in the customer room mail box. Once the message is in the system, the message indicator in the customer's room will be triggered. The customer can then call the front desk and get a printout of the message. 6) Management functions

The system will give the management access to the following: Edit, create, delete room characteristics, staff accounts and assign access levels, registration, customer bills. Edit menu and food prices. Take and post messages for customers. Print privileged...
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