Online Hotel Resaervation System

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Chapter 1


Background of the Study
Tourism is one of the Philippines Biggest industry and sector of jobs across national or regional economies. They need to carry out their duties and track their services with the help of such application software that provide adequate and up to date information in order to keep up with the progress. The Philippines is the growing tourist destination, there is a lot of hotel and resort in Panay area that tourist difficult to choose thus I select this sector to create this project Online Hotel Reservation System. The rapid development and commercialization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for the travel and tourism industry has prompted hotels and other enterprises in this sector to increasingly adopt these technologies. The ICT based products and processes help the hotels to enhance the operating efficiency, improve the service experience as well as provide a means to access markets on a global basis. ICTs were used in the hotel industry from the late seventies in the form of Computerized Reservation systems and Global distribution systems. My system is Web base and use of powerful database management system concepts so that the large amount of data can be input from the customer and employee. This system can be accessed by the employee of the agency as well as the online customer. The customer and worker can see and check their personal information via this system. They can add, change and delete personal information while logged into the system. The information about the worker can only be seen by the owner where as the information about ht customer can only be seen by the owner and the worker who serves the customer. Objective of the Study

Our objectives are straightforward and seek to ensure we run professional and profitable building relationships with customers, supplier’s andinvestors, driving business at the hotels and developing the business as a whole. It is also to adopt best...
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