One Town, One Product National Expo: Philippines

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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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One town, one product (OTOP) National Expo
This year the project of the government “One town, one product (OTOP)” was held on Megamall, Megatrade hall center. It has 14 participants exhibitors came from different regions in the country. This event aim to promote own Filipino products and to promotes local business nationwide. This project helps the Filipino community to be known by their good products as well as promoting their own beautiful cities and progress in the entrepreneurship and helps to create jobs among the Filipinos in local industry. Palawan – Known as one of the beautiful place in the country with its stunning natural resources and good quality of different native products. This year three (3) entries from Palawan showcase their good merchandise Palawentas Handicrafts, provincial economy enterprise and exotic delicacies of Palawan. Palawan province has its abundance source of natural products that can be proud of; Aside from its many beautiful tourist spots they have lots of good products that are made naturally. Some of the products from Palawan are cashews, Fried fish, Bagoong na alamang, spicy dilis and organic peanut butter. These foodstuffs are all came from fresh and natural ingredients. The provincial economy enterprise of the Palawan introduce the McGrill product one of the newest reinvented came from Palawan an easy step to use and helps to avoid hypertension and heart disease, the local market are planning to export this product by next year. Aside from delectable delicacies they are also promoting the wonders of Coron. They also handle the Palawanders Travels and Tours that takes you to the paradise of Coron, Palawan. Palawan handicrafts – they are offering a variety of good quality of handicrafts made in the finest bamboo in Palawan. Indigenous people are the one who makes the variety of handicrafts without the use of technology; it was a totally man-made product. Palawan Handicrafts are surely a good souvenir to everyone way back...
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