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Topics: Expense, Income statement, Cash flow Pages: 7 (1544 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The importance of establishing this snack in amidst the commercial premise of the municipality of Bobon Northern Samar is very timely as it is in parallel to the increasing number of population in the area. In this fast-paced world where people are too busy to prepare their own snacks and foods they tend to rely to instant where everything is very available anytime at their will. This further eradicates time hustle. Project Description

This project is a snack in that will be established on the commercial hub of the town. The business situs will be located on Baranggay Salvacion, Bobon, N. Samar. Study Objectives
The following are the objectives of this study:
* To provide different types of snacks at affordable price to the customers. * To raise income on the course of the business.
Scope and Limitation
Basically, the business is a merchandise type of business. This means that its main product is good of various types in linewith food industry. The business is limited to providing services. Population

The business will be catering the need for different types of snack to the residence of the municipality. The municipality of Bobon, N. Samar is composed of more 20,000 residence, of which more one third of its population resides on the municipal proper unevenly scattered on its four (4) baranggays situated on the poblacion. Location

The business situs will be located on the Talipapa Site, Brgy. Salvacion Bobon, N. Samar. The place is considered to be the commercial hub of the town where different types of small-cottage industries keep on mushrooming. Therefore, becoming the central area of economic activities of the town. Labor Force and Utility

The business be hiring Four employees that will assist the day-to-day operation of the business. These four will be evenly divided for the morning and night shifts. The business will be operating in 24/7 program. Management Aspect

Type of Business Organization
The business will be a sole proprietorship business. The ownership and the risks of the business will be principally palm off by the sole owner alone. Furthermore, the owner will serve as th business’ manager and the main decision-maker on all the affairs relating to the business daily activities. Organizational Structure

Owner/ manger


Salesman # 1

Salesman # 2

Owner/ manager- the task of the owner in the business is not only limited to his ownership in the business. He further assumes the responsibility as the over-all manger of the business entity. The main decision-maker of all the affairs may it be external or internal. Decisions for further expansion will be assumed by him. Salesman #1- will be administering all the sales affairs of the business on its day-to-day operations. Salesman #2- will serve as an auxiliary to the business operation. But his main task is to serve the cashier of the business. Bookkeeper- the main work of the bookkeeper is to record on book all the transactions of the business. Prepare the books and the monthly, quarterly and year-end financial statements that are essential on determining the profitability of the business on its course. Marketing Aspect

Market Description
The business will be situated along Talipapa site, Brgy. Salvacion Bobon, N. Samar. The place is considered to be the commercial area of the town. Different commercial establishment is situated in this place. Demand Situation

It can be observed that the growth and flow of the demand on the town for a snack food house is inevitably increasing. This can be attributed to the town’s increasing population. As the number of people keeps on increasing the demand for the different means for human survival is increasing too. Likewise, this project as it main products are in line with food industry. Supply Situation

The business is located in the area where raw materials for their products can be readily available...
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