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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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“Transpormasyon at mga Inobasyon sa Public Serbis (TIPS)”

The special one-day development program enable to impart to me as a person and I will able to share to the organization I belong are the importance of social marketing principles and strategies in championing good governance, improvement in the delivery of public services and people engagement efforts for the common good. In such knowledge I and my organization will be able to improve and enhance quality services to our valued customers. There are also some topics that marked to my mind that I will surely apply in our organization; the sincerity, learn focus, gratefulness, humility and the most important in marketing is love. I also learned the importance of Servant Leadership “Ikaw Muna, Bago Ako” that connotes the customer satisfaction/delight. To become a Servant Leader you must know how to care people and lead them towards a vision or goal. The heartwarming commercial that leads to help people who is in needed inspire me. It only shows the importance of technology in information dissemination. I also agree to the topic about creativity because there are some cases or situation that you only have limited resources that you might use to accomplish your specific goal, I learn to know how to handle such situations in a creative way. I believe that all the learning I got could make to develop not only for myself but also to the benefit of all. To summarized, heart is the key to service because without this all the information are not mattered.
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