Supply Chain of Betel Leaf

Topics: Bangladesh, Areca nut, Sylhet Division Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Supply chain of Betel Leaf:
In perspective of supply chain of betel leaf, this paper has been showed the supply chain of betel leaf within the sylhet city. At the very beginning we discussed regarding betel leaf such as vernacular name, Bangladeshi’s betel leaf, area of cultivation, its varieties etc. So this part will show the Inventory process, Transportation, Location and Distribution process of betel leaf within the sylhet city.

The betel leaf is known as Paan in Assamese/Urdu/Hindi/Odia/Bengali, The betel leaf is cultivated in most of South and Southeast Asia. Since it is a creeper, it needs a compatible tree or a long pole for support. Paan cultivation is a special type of agriculture. High land and especially fertile soil are best for betel. Waterlogged, saline and alkali soils are unsuitable for its cultivation In Bangladesh paan is chewed all over the country by all classes of people. Paan is offered to the guests and used in festivals irrespective of religion. A mixture called Dhakai pan khili (Like a Roll) is famous in Bangladesh and the subcontinent. The sweet pan of the Kashi tribe is famous for its special quality. Paan is also used in Hindu puja and wedding festival and to visit relatives. It has become a ritual, tradition and culture of Bangladeshi society. Adult women gather with pandani along with friends and relatives in leisure time. According to Bangladesh Betel Leaf Exporters Association everyday Tk 10 core ''paan'' is being traded across the country and annual market size of the product is around Tk 3600 core. The association also said that the country’s export earnings from the sector were $40 million in the fiscal year 2008-09.

The harvested leaves are used both for domestic consumption and for export to Middle East, to European countries, USA, UK, Pakistan, and Myanmar. Paan is one of the major economic sources of rural Bangladesh.

Region of cultivation within Bangladesh:
• Sylhet
• Rangpur...
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