Runa Supply Chain: Supply and Distribution of Guayusa Leafs

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Sean Worang

Runa Supply Chain

I. Farmers

Runa has worked with about 3000 to 4500 Guayusa farmers in the Amazon in regards to the supply and distribution of Guayusa leafs. The result of surveys (done by Runatarpuna) shows that by incorporating above 3000 to 4500 farmers Runa can generate about 16000 pounds/ month and can potentially generate about $17.2 per year projections.

II. Runatarpuna

Runatarpuna is Runa LLC’s fully owned export subsidiary, to manage the logistic of guayasa production in Ecuador. According to Dan, CEO of Runa LLC, Runatarpuna buys fresh guayusa directly from over 300 indigenous farmers from 50 communities, with whom they have built a strong and equitable partnership. In asddition, each shipment of guayusa that arrives to the US port comes with a supply chain tag that lists the exact farms with GPS coordinates where the guayusa was harvested from, the name of the facility, and the approval forms from the necessary pre-shipment microbiology tests.

III. Runa LLC & Co packer

Arriving processed Guayasa leaf will be sent to New Jersey for bottling process by Union bottling Co and some amount will be sent to Philadelphia, PA for tea bag packaging process by Global Tea Solution, a leading organic co packer for U.S companies. Furthermore, packaged products will be sent to Runa’s warehouse in Lynbrook, NY.

IV. Distributor

Ready packaged products will be distributed from Runa’s warehouse to 20 individual distribution points at this current time. However, as predicted within 5 years Runa will partner with over dozens other distributors to reach cafes, restaurants, and university locations.

V. Retailers

Most of Runa’s bagged infusers will be distributed to natural food stores such as whole foods, Wegman’s, Giant, Stop N’ Shop, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. And Runa’s bottled product will also be sold there but will be primarily focus its distribution channel to mainstream consumer’s outlets,...
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