On the Beach: Sexism and Tourism

Topics: Gender, Woman, Tourism Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Since the 1800’s, tourism has played a major role in the world economy. It has helped improve suffering economies that are unable to rely solely on their exports, and provided poorer nations with foreign currency and foreign investment, which can help to improve the economy of the poorer nation. Tourism has also encouraged development of modern skills as well as new technologies. (Enloe 233) In conclusion, tourism has become one of the most valued sources of income for many countries around the world. However, while tourism has played an important role in the economic standing of underdeveloped nations, it has also encouraged many gender stereotypes, and as not provided to be an equal or a non-discriminatory industry. Two of the major areas in the tourism industry where there are obvious gender differences are in advertisement and employment. When it comes to the issue of tourism and advertisement, the way men and women are depicted in tourist advertisements are based upon people’s presumptions about masculinity and femininity. Because of history depiction of males as the one’s whore are more likely to travel, and women who travel as being improper, (Enloe 208) the majority of tourist advertisements are directed at men. This is apparent through the use of sex appeal. An example of an advertisement that uses this device is the advertisement for Singapore Airlines, which is mentioned in the text On the Beach: Sexism and Tourism. In this advertisement, there is nothing more but a ethnic woman holding a lily while standing in a misty setting. No information about the airline and its rates are given. (Enloe 222) This clearly demonstrates how women are used for there femininity is tourism advertisements. This obvious use of sex appeal is used to entice men to use Singapore Airlines. When deciding what airline to use, they’re more likely to remember the one that had the attractive woman in its advertisement. Furthermore, it is possible for them to hold a...
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