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I. The Goals / Objectives of My Off-Campus Practice A. Personal Skills I am capable of doing simple programs by using different languages like C++, HTML, PHP, Visual Basic and Java. I can do basic hardware and software troubleshooting procedures on a computer. Also, I am capable of basic subnetting and routing techniques. B. Engineering / Architectural Skills I can connect computers through a network (Local Area Network), I can also improvise a power supply and can modify a 12 watts power amplifier.

II. Company’s Background / Profile System / Plant Operation / Type of Firm Integrity, commitment, service quality --such is the drive and determination that remains the cornerstone of one of the fastest-growing and most successful of IT companies in the Clark Freeport Economic Zone. Headquartered in Clark Field, Pampanga, ICS ICT Support Services Corp. is an information technology system integrator providing a full range of IT consulting services; procurement; installation and maintenance; warranty and post-warranty services; and project management. ICS ICT likewise develops and implements custom-tailored business solutions for medium-sized to large enterprise businesses, catering mainly to companies located within the Clark Ecozone, Subic Freeport Zone and PEZA. ICS ICT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrated Computer Systems, Inc. (ICS), a detail-oriented company with proven capability in creating long-term relationships with its clients and partners, gained from over 30 years of working in the Information Technology industry.


Company / Plant Layout


Process Flowchart

Definition of Terms: QC – Quality Control CSD – Customer Service Department


– Sales Order – Account Officer

PMG – Product Management Group TSA – Technical Support Assistant

III. The Nature of the Work in My Assigned Department I am assigned in the QC (Quality Control) Department. In our department, we do the physical checking of a unit if it has a scratch or damage and then we check the specifications if it matches the description on the picking ticket. (Picking ticket is where the specifications, quantity, material number, name and address of the client and other important information of a unit which has been ordered or purchased is indicated). If there is a discrepancy (a difference between the specifications of the unit and on the picking ticket), we should raise them to our superiors (TSA-Technical Support Assistant) in our department for them to make a report regarding the discrepancy of the unit. After checking the specifications of the unit and no discrepancies were encountered, we will run the unit’s Diagnostics (diagnostics - procedures on testing the components of the unit). If there were no errors upon running the diagnostics, we will proceed on checking the input and output devices of the unit. But if the unit is not functioning or if some errors were found during the diagnostic process, we will place a mark on the unit indicating its error or indicating that the unit is defective and report it to our superiors (TSA) for them to make a report. And after checking the other devices of the unit, we will place a warranty sticker on the unit. This warranty sticker is a proof that the unit has undergone and passed all the Quality Control process.

IV. Evaluation of My On-the-Job or Training Experiences New persons and friends I acquired (name, positions and duties they performed) 1. “Chie” (2nd batch of OJT in ICT) – a trainee who assists me in the QC process and instructs whenever a new unit is being checked. 2. “Fidz” (2nd batch of OJT in ICT) – a trainee who also assists me in the QC process. 3. “Ian” – a utility clerk in warehouse department who releases the items that will be

checked. 4. “Niel” (4th batch of OJT in ICT) – a trainee, I assist him throughout the Quality Control process and now, he also do the checking of specifications of a unit. 5. “Je” (4th batch of OJT in ICT) – a trainee, I assist...
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