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The interview questions below can be used for quality positions such as: Quality/QA manager; Quality/QA assistant; Quality/QA supervisor; Quality/QA coordinator, quality engineer, quality analyst etc.

I. Quality management interview answer tips
1. Identify key goals, tasks, job specs and attributes for quality positions then ask question: how to do, how to become … 2. Listen questions carefully, then ask by your self: what are things related to quality management field before answering. 3. Always ask by yourself: what are quality management proofs that are required for this position? 4. Make a full list of interview questions for quality management field: specialized interview questions, common interview questions, interview tips, interview thank you letters, types of job interview questions… II. Sample quality interview questions

1. What is your ISO 9001 experience? Have you taken a company through registration? 2. What is your track record on ISO 9001 non-conformities?
3. What is your experience with writing the QA Manual?
4. What is your experience in working with sampling plans? Please describe some of the standards. 5. What audits have you been involved with? What is important to recognize when doing an audit? Why Audit? 6. If an employee is doing something different then the procedure, what action should be taken against the employee? Do you correct the employee on the spot? 7. Difference between Six Sigma and CMMI?

8. What are the roles of Quality Assurance?
9. What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control? 10. Differentiate between product quality and process quality? 11. What are the three measures in common use in Quality?
12. How many types of reviews that we have in our testing? What is bad defect? why do we write bad defects? 13. Give examples of metrics to control the efficiency of the testing suppliers. 14. What are the benefits of Quality Management System?

15. What are Six mandatory Quality procedures?
16. Which...
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