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Topics: Quality management, ISO 9000, Quality management system Pages: 18 (4560 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Abdullah Younus


1. Why is service quality more difficult to define than product quality?

-While service and production share many attributes, services have more diverse quality attributes than products. For example, product like a personal computer is typically evaluated on its merits, and it makes little difference to the user whether the person that assembled the computer was in a bad mood the day the computer was made. Service settings are more complex; thus quality is more difficult to define. A customer of a restaurant, for example, evaluates the quality of the restaurant not only on the merits of the food, but also on the demeanor of the employees, the speed of the service, the location of the restaurant, the pleasantness of the surroundings, and so forth.

2. Review David Garvin’s contribution to our understanding of the role of quality in business organizations. David Garvin has helped articulate both the definitions and dimensions of quality. First, Garvin found that most definitions of quality were either transcendent, product-based, user-based, manufacturing based, or value based. Using these five definitions of quality, Garvin developed a list of eight quality dimensions. These dimensions are performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality. By articulating these definitions and dimensions of quality, Garvin has helped managers understand the multifaceted nature of quality and the importance of quality in business organizations.

3. Why are cross-functional teams becoming more common? What difficulties do they experience?

-The supply chain encompasses many differing functions and processes. It includes all of the core activities from the raw materials stage to after-sale service. To execute all of these processes correctly involves integrating differing functions, expertise, and dimensions of quality. This need for integration increases the requirement for flexible, cross-functional problem solving and employees who can adapt to rapidly changing markets. Communications is a major issue for cross-functional teams. Typically ,organizations doe not have very effective networks of cross functional communication. Concurrent engineering requires cross-functional teams.

4. Describe the relevance of the “systems view” to our understanding of quality management.

Operations management utilizes the systems view that underlies modern quality management thinking. The systems view involves the understanding that product quality is the result of the interactions of several variables such as machines, labor, procedures, planning, and management. As a result, managers need to understand that it is the “system” and the interactions between the various components of the system that is responsible for quality, rather than asingle functional area, such as manufacturing, personnel, or marketing .

5. Discuss the origins and development of the Supply Chain perspective

Supply chain management grew out of the concept of the value chain. The value chain includes: inbound logistics, core processes, and outbound logistics. Supply chain management has moved to the forefront in recent years due to the opportunities for cost savings along with quality and service improvements .

6. What is theory? Provide an example of the use of theory in a business organization.

A theoretical model relating quality improvement to worker ,examples Chicago .illionsis , firms Induction
Data >>>>>>> Generalization
Generalization>>>>>>>>>> supported by data

7. Discuss the contributions of W. Edwards Deming to quality thinking?

Deming understood that employees are the only ones who already control the production process. So he put his theory named Deming circuit which was built on four themes (plans - do - check - began). The Club...
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