The Better Interview: Hrm Case Study

Topics: Management, Interview, Human resource management Pages: 3 (620 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Human Resource Management
Case Study

I. Title: The Better Interview

II. Point of View

In this case study, the point of view of Ms. Jennifer will be taken into consideration.

III. Statement of the Problem

1. What systematic approach will the management apply in order for the interview process to be effective? 2. What kind of questions would the store managers formulate to cover all the necessary qualifications of the job that the applicants will apply?

IV. Objectives

* To identify the systematic approach that the management will apply in their interview process * To formulate questions that are essential for the interview of the applicant

V. Areas of Consideration

STRENGTHS-Store managers as interviewers are comfortable in interviewing since the top management never checks their interview performance.| WEAKNESSES-The management has no organized approach to interviewing job candidates.-The interviewers lack trainings and practices.The company suffers employee turnover and theft problems.| OPPORTUNITIES-The company will likely to grow and progress if the management would organize their hiring system.| THREATS-The company will struggle and turnover rate will increase if the management would not address the problem immediately.|

VI. Alternative Courses of Action

1. The management must establish a clear pro forma of hiring process including employment tests, initial and final interview and physical examination and train their interviewers about how to conduct the hiring process. 2. The management should continue their own way of hiring process that is convenient and comfortable in their own way. 3. Interview questions must be constructed structurally to have comparisons among the job candidates. 4. Interview questions must be unstructurally constructed and free-flowing.

VII. Conclusion and Recommendation

The best solutions in order to resolve the company’s problem about interviewing process are the...
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