Mas 580 Quiz (Midterm)

Topics: Employment, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Equal Opportunity Employment Pages: 7 (1361 words) Published: December 12, 2012
NAME____________________________________CLASS:______________________DATE: MIDTERM MAS 580, WINTER 2012
Multiple Choice:
1.) The value, skills, and capabilities that have a tremendous impact on an organization’s performance but does not show up on its balance sheet are known as: a. Intellectual capital
b. Human capital
c. Core competencies
d. Employee capital
2.) To manager employees in a manner that allows human capital to develop as a source of competitive advantage, manages need to be sure to do all of the following except: e. Provide training programs that provide skill enhancement f. Identify, recruit, and hire the best talent available g. Attach pay to productivity

h. Provide opportunities for development on the job
3.) TQM:
i. Focuses on understanding customer needs, doing things right the first time, and striving for continuous improvement j. Uses statistical methods to translate customer needs into separate tasks and defining the best way to perform them k. Fundamentally redesigns business processes to achieve improvements in cost, quality, service, and speed. l. Changes the purpose and function of the HR group

4.) Hiring someone outside the company to perform tasks that could be done internally is known as: m. Outplacement
n. Contracting
o. Outsourcing
p. Employee leasing
5.) Employee rights include all of the following except:
q. Company funded pension plan
r. Equal employment opportunity
s. Union representation
t. Equal pay for equal work.
6.) Family friendly work options include all of the following except: u. Day care
v. Spousal benefits
w. Parental leave
x. Job sharing

7.) Free trade agreements stir fierce debate, especially when it comes to ____________. y. Equal employment opportunities for women
z. Jobs
{. Proprietary technology
|. Information exchange
8.) HR managers must be concerned with meshing HR planning and the : }. Organization’s strategic plan
~. Organization’s marketing position
. Organization’s return on its human assets
. Competitive e environment
9.) At the fundamental level, strategy focuses on creating ___________ value. . Buyers
. Suppliers
. Customer
. Subordinates
10.) Integrated knowledge sets within an organization that distinguish it from its competitors and deliver value to customers are known as: . Individual competencies
. Core capabilities
. Human capital
. Organizational competencies
11.) Core knowledge workers:
. Have unique skills not directly related to company strategy . Have firm-specific skills directly related to company strategy . Have skills that are valuable but not unique
. Have skills available to all firms
12.) A qualitative approach to demand forecasting can include any of the following except: . Trend analysis
. The Delphi technique
. Soliciting expert opinions
. Management forecasts
13.) Cooperative strategies pursued by firms include
. Joint ventures
. Growth
. Diversification
. Acquisitions
14.) Layoff decisions:
. Can cause management’s discretion to be reduced where layoffs are based on seniority . Are always determined by labor agreement
. Are made at management’s sole discretion
. And employment rights of each individual are determined by state law

15.) All of the following statements are true except:
. The civilian labor force will decline by 2016
. Employment growth will continue to be concentrated in some jobs . Construction is projected to grow
. Professional and service jobs will grow the fastest
16.) Which of the following groups would not fall under the broad definition of protected...
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