Err for Level 2 Childcare

Topics: Employment, Working time, At-will employment Pages: 7 (2526 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Task A
* to research employment laws on goggle
* to contact a law firm
* To visit business link online and to search for employment laws. Aii a)
* Time off & holidays
* pay
* working hours
* Employment rights
* Health & safety
* Discrimination & equalities
Aiii, employment laws exist to provide protection for the employee and for the employer. Task B
The terms and conditions of my employment are: the date in which I commenced my employment. My job title, this explains what my title is and has a brief description of what my roles will be. My place of work, this explains where my main place of work will be and that I may be needed in other branches. It also explains that I will be given a months notice if my place of work changes. My salary, this explains what my hourly rate will be and how it will be paid into my account. It also states that my salary will be reviewed each year and that I will be notified in writing if there is any change to my pay. My hours of work, this explain what my hours of work will be and what I am required to work each week. This also tells me when my hours are i.e. times and days. It also states that I am required to work additional hour’s holiday & holiday pay. This gives a brief explanation of when the holiday year begins and ends. When holiday can and cannot be taken. It also states that on the termination of my employment during a holiday year I will be entitled to holiday pay in lieu if it is outstanding. Trial periods/notice. This explains when my trial is and for how long and that it will be reviewed at the end of the trial period. It also explains that the company can extend the trial period and can dismiss you is they feel you are not capable of doing your job. They will give one weeks notice within the trial period of dismissal or extension of the trial. During the trial period or extension of this employees are not entitled to holiday. sickness and unavoidable absence, this section explains that if you are unable to attend work for any reason and it has not been authorised by the company you need to contact your line manager by a certain time and you must speak with them as you cannot leave a message. If you are unable to attend work for more that 7 days which includes weekends then you must provide a medical certificate, after the 8th day of sickness a medical note must be provided to the company on a weekly basis. Sick pay. this section explains that if you are absent from work due to sickness or injury that you will not be entitled to sick pay unless you have paid national insurance then statutory sick pay is entitled. It is also saying that if you qualify for statutory sick pay that this will be paid in accordance with the provisions of the social security contributions and benefits act 1992.pensions. This gives a brief explanation that there is no pension’s scheme applicable. Termination of employment, in this section it is briefly explaining that the period of notice will be given to me in writing. The period of notice will change depending on how long I have been working for the company. It is also explaining that if I wish to terminate my contract that it must be in writing and that the minimum notice period is a month, which does not include holidays. Company policies and procedures, this section explains that I will comply with the companies policies and procedures and those copies have been made available. training, this section explains that all employees are expected to train to the level of their job role, and need to hold several certificates within the first 6 months of employment.confidentiality, in this section it explains that I shall not during or after my employment disclose any information about the company or its clients. Deductions from salary, this explains that the company reserves the right to reclaim monies from overpayment, holiday pay, or costs incurred for failure to attend training. It...
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