Philippines Bureau of Customs

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  • Published : February 1, 2011
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Case Study: Philippines Bureau of Customs
After working with the Philippines’ Bureau of Customs (BOC) back in 1994 to 1999, Unisys once again secures this important public sector client, which recently embarked on a major upgrade of its computer-based operations system, the ASYCUDAWorld (e-Customs) Project.  Under this Project, Unisys will integrate five (5) major systems, i.e., BOC Portal, Import and Assessment System, Export Processing System, Operations Support System, and Enterprise Resource Planning/Customer Relationship Management System. This multimillion dollar Project aims to provide BOC the requisite ICT-based tools to enhance its core and support systems, including hardware and network infrastructure, in seaports and airports nationwide. Consequently, these enhancements will support and strengthen BOC’s core functions of trade facilitation, revenue collection and law enforcement.  

The BOC, an agency attached to the Department of Finance, is mandated to assess and collect for government, the correct amount of duties and taxes on imports, facilitate the release of imported cargoes to the manufacturers/traders, and to protect the society and the environment from prohibited and harmful substances.  In support of these functions, BOC intends to be more responsive to its clients’ needs and more supportive of the government goals.  

Also included in the solution, is the modernization and rehabilitation of chosen offices in BOC such as the Port of Manila Formal Entry and Cash Divisions, the Information and Communications Technology Center (ICT Center) and the Management Information Systems and Technology Group (MISTG) offices in the Metro Manila ports.  Unisys will also provide technical, implementation and operations support services in the initial efforts towards a sustainable Customer Relationship Management System and ISO Certification Plan, change management, comprehensive training programs, and system maintenance.  

The full implementation of these...