F&B Observation Standards

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Unit 1:Maintenance of a Safe, Hygienic and Secure Working Environment 1.1 Wear clean, smart and appropriate clothing, footwear and headgear 1.2 Keep hair neat and tidy and wear it in line with organisational standards 1.3 Make sure any jewellery, perfume and cosmetics worn are in line with organisational standards 1.4 Get any cuts, grazes and wounds treated by the appropriate person 1.5 Report illness and infections promptly to the appropriate person 3.1 Identify any hazards or potential hazards and deal with these correctly 3.2 Report any accidents or near accidents quickly and accurately to the proper person 3.3 Follow health, hygiene and safety procedures during work 3.4 Practise emergency procedures correctly

3.5 Follow organisational security procedures

Unit 2:Working Effectively as Part of a Hospitality Team
1.1 Make sure the requirements of the work are understood
1.2 Ask questions if the requirements of the work are not clear 1.3 Accurately follow instructions
1.4 Plan work and prioritise tasks in order of importance
1.5 Keep everything needed for the work organised and available 1.6 Keep work areas clean and tidy
1.7 Keep waste to a minimum
1.8 Ask for help from the relevant person if it is needed
1.9 Provide work on time and as agreed
2.1 Give team members help when they ask for it
2.2 Ensure the help given to team members is within the limits of own job role 2.3 Ensure the help given to team members does not prevent own work being completed on time 2.4 Pass on important information to team members as soon as possible 2.5 Maintain good working relationships with team members

2.6 Report any problems with working relationships to the relevant person 2.7 Communicate clearly and effectively with team members
3.1 Seek feedback on own work and deal with this feedback positively 3.2 Identify with the relevant person aspects of own work which are up to standard and areas that could be improved 3.3 Agree what has to be done to improve their work

3.4 Agree a learning plan with the relevant person
3.5 Seek opportunities to review and develop learning plan
Unit 3:Give Customers a Positive Impression of Yourself and Your Organisation 1.1 Meet their organisation’s standards of appearance and behaviour 1.2 Greet their customer respectfully and in a friendly manner 1.3 Communicate with their customer in a way that makes them feel valued and respected 1.4 Identify and confirm their customer’s expectations

1.5 Treat their customer courteously and helpfully at all times 1.6 Keep their customer informed and reassured
1.7 Adapt their behaviour to respond to different customer behaviour 2.1 Respond promptly to a customer seeking help
2.2 Choose the most appropriate way to communicate with their customer 2.3 Check with their customer that they have fully understood their expectations 2.4 Respond promptly and positively to their customer’s questions and comments 2.5 Allow their customer time to consider their response and give further explanation when appropriate 3.1 Quickly find information that will help their customer

3.2 Give their customer information they need about the services or products offered by their organisation 3.3 Recognise information that their customer might find complicated and check whether they fully understand 3.4 Explain clearly to their customers any reasons why their expectations cannot be met Unit 4:Maintain Food Safety When Storing, Holding and Serving Food 2.1 Wear clean and suitable clothes appropriate to the jobs to be done 2.2 Only wear jewellery and other accessories that do not cause food safety hazards 2.3 Change clothes when necessary to prevent bacteria spreading 2.4 Wash hands thoroughly at appropriate times

2.5 Avoid unsafe behaviour that could contaminate the food
2.6 Report any cuts, graze, illness and infections promptly to the proper person 2.7 Make sure any cuts and grazes are treated and covered with an...
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