Ohs Audit Checklist

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Audit Participants:

|Name |Position | | |Branch Manager | | |Assistant Manager | | |Sales Representative | | |Sales/Purchasing/OH&S | | |Sales/Purchasing | | |Administration | | |Store persons |


Branch “Policy & Procedure” manual
AS/NZS 4804:2001
AS/NZS 4801:2001

Assessment and Rating Methodology

This report provides an overview of the OHS Management System specifying whether the system conforms to the standards objectives. Should there be an element that does not conform; the degree of non-compliance is stated.

|Result |Performance | |Conformance |An element is deemed to have met conformance when it can be demonstrated that the element | |YES |requirements have been addressed. | | | | |Minor Non-conformance |Satisfies minimum requirements of the indicator only. Basic documentation can be produced| |“NO - Minor” |if specified in the indicator. A minor non-conformance occurs if all requirements have | | |only been partially implemented. | | | | |Major non-conformance - |A major non-conformance is where many of the element requirements have not been met or are| |“NO - Major” |in the early stages of development. Areas of high risk that have not been effectively | | |controlled would also constitute a major non-conformance. |

For a more in depth review the identification of shortcomings are presented within the “Comments” section of Part B of this report It is intended that this information will assist the organisation in the continuous improvement of its OHS system.

PART A -Assessment and Rating Table – Summary of Findings

|Element |Documentation |Conformance |Major/Minor | | |Reviewed | |Non-Conformance | | |(Yes/No) |(Yes/No) | | |4.2 OHS Policy |YES |YES | | |4.3.1 Planning Identification of hazards, assessment & |YES |YES...
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