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Summary-Response Essay on “Neat People vs. Sloppy People”
In article, “Neat People vs. Sloppy People”, by Suzanne Britt, the author argues that sloppy people are better than neat people in many ways. She states that sloppy people are actually neater than the neat people and are more helpful. Sloppy people are intelligent, they hold to things, and are very attached to their belongings. While neat people are cruel, they don’t take sentimental possession over their things. Neat people clean things just to get rid of it. They won’t use their time to think about their future either. Britt exemplifies her argument about how Sloppy people have their best reasons not to be neat, while neat people are still not enough with their neatness. I agree with the author that sloppy people are better than neat people because they are positive to their life, patient, and good planners.

One of the good characteristics about sloppy people is their positivity towards their life. There may be millions of work undone, but they still take their life happily because they have a lot of hopes with them. They look at the positive side of their lives. They are always smiling even if they have to complete their piled up work on time. Unlike neat people, sloppy people do not get upset on small things. Sloppy people have a broad aspect of life therefore, little problems do not make them upset. They always look for the best things to come, rather looking to the negative side. Sloppy people have a better gratitude to life than neat people. For instance, a neat person will get mad if he finds more than

one work pending, but a sloppy person would always enjoy his/her time no matter how much of work he is given. Thus positivity towards their life is one of the good qualities of sloppy people.
Other than their positivity towards their life, sloppy people have another good thing which is their patience. They have a very good quality with them; they can wait. They can wait their whole life to...
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