Sloppy vs Neat

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When reading a paper or a story about sloppy and neat people I cant help but giggle about they are perceived. Everybody has their opinion on why someone is neat or sloppy, but you will never know their reasoning behind it. But there are a few basic qualities that are different between a neat person and a sloppy person. Neat people are mean, stingy, and wasteful where sloppy people are thrifty, loving, and generous. Britt uses humor to describe both of these categories.

Neat people often classified as mean, stingy, and wasteful (Britt page 225). When a neat person is going through their items, they do not make piles they simply just throw it away so they don’t have clutter (Britt page 225). Yes, being neat is a great quality to have, but they often are not the nicest of people. For example, neat people never put aside things to donate to others. They simply throw it in the trashcan. A neat person can also be stingy since they don’t share their things with others. (Britt page 226)

Most people think of sloppy people as being hoarders, but really they are thrifty, loving, and very generous. (Britt page 225) When you walk into a sloppy persons house usually you see all kinds of things laying around. That is because they are very thrifty people and will hold on to anything and everything. They have a plan for the things they have held on to. (Britt page 225) For example, they make scrapbooks with all these old things that they have saved. (Britt page 225) Sloppy people are very generous so they like to have yard sales, donate things, or just give things away. A sloppy person can be one of the nicest people you have every met. They hold on to precious memories and cherish so much.

In Britt’s eassy “Neat People VS. Sloppy People”, she describes both of the two categories with humor. She will back her points up with a little bit of flavor. She makes the essay funny and not so serious. She lets the reader know that it is not a bad thing to be neat or...
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