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Topics: Active listening, Psychology, Anger Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: December 14, 2012
CHAPTER 8 – Managing Yourself for Accomplishment

Vocabulary Words
1. Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule): The Pareto principle is a principle that teaches that 80% of the benefit comes from doing the 20% of the work. Figure out the most important and beneficial 20% and make that your priority to tackle first. Completing the important 20% often expedites or simplifies completion of the remaining 80% of the work. 2. Premack Principle: The principle states that if two behaviors differ in their likelihood of occurrence, the less likely behavior can be reinforced by using the more likely behavior as a reward. In layman’s terms, this strategy capitalizes on the fact that any enjoyable activity can be used as a reward or incentives for working on a task you tend to pull off. 3. Procrastination: When important tasks or responsibilities are left undone or are completed in a slipshod manner because inadequate time was left to complete the task properly. 4. Low Frustration Toleration: The main and most direct cause for procrastination. 5. Power Nap: Shutting your eyes for five to ten minutes. 6. Self-Control: The ability to defer gratification

7. Accomplishment: Attainment of success is often pursed by individuals for its own sake. 8. Retroactive Interference: When new learning interferes with previous learning. 9. Proactive Interference: When old learning inhibits retention of new material. 10. SQ3R: A study strategy consisting of the following: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. 11. Defer Gratification: The ability to wait for your rewards, to delay gratification. 12. Test Anxiety: a combination of perceived physiological overarousal, feelings of worry and dread, self-depreciating thoughts, tension, and somatic symptoms that occur during test situations. 13. Mnemonics: Helpful techniques particularly for remembering strings or lists of information. These systems work by making material more meaningful by adding a...
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