Gen 195 Week Four Discussion Questions

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Week Four Discussion Questions

Review the Tips for Effective Studying in Ch. 8 of Your College Experience. What are two of the tips you find useful? Why? *
* The two most useful tips I found are, making studying part of your daily routine, and managing my study time wisely. These are useful to me due to the fact I tend to put things off until the last minute. By incorporating studying into an everyday schedule allows ample time to complete the task required. Also by sticking to a set schedule, procrastination is less likely to happen.

What tips for creating a study environment might be most effective for you? What might you do to create that study environment for yourself? *
* Having a stress free environment allows me to maximize my learning efficiency. When combined with effective time management, high motivation, good reading and note taking skills, and systematic test preparation, a good study environment can serve as a productive effort. Also cutting out all distractions, I can focus directly on the work at hand, instead of being distracted by outside stimulation. *

What techniques do you use to remember what you study? What techniques do you think could help you remember more of what you study? What techniques would you like to add to the list provided in Ch. 8 of Your College Experience? *

* Some techniques I use to remember what I study are to re-read things so that it can imprint into my memory. I also tend to look up key points to get a better understanding of what I am studying. I think that two techniques that could help me are to get organized, and to reduce stressors in my life. By organizing my work, it is easier to review what I have studied, as well as making time management easier. By cutting out stressors, I won’t be focused on trivial things, and can concentrate more on the work

Have you ever used mnemonics to remember something complicated? If so, describe these techniques. How might you use mnemonics...
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