Memory Improvement Strategies

Topics: Method of loci, Memory, Mnemonic Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: October 30, 2012
Memory Improvement Strategies
Memory Improvement strategies are split into two main groups which are organisation and mnemonics. Organisation - this is when you categorise things into groups to aid memory recall. One method of organisation could be to construct a mind map.

Research showing that organisation aids memory recall…
* Shuell - two groups of participants were presented with a list of words. For one group the words were in a random order, whereas for the other group they were arranged under categories. After looking at the list, paticipants were asked to recall as many words as they could remember. * Participants who had the organised lists recalled significantly more words than participants who had random lists. * Mandler - participants were given 52 cards with a randomly selected word on each card, they were then asked to sort the cards into between 2 – 7 categories of their choice. They were then asked to recall as many words as they could remember. * The more categories the participants had used, the higher their recall of words. Research showing that organisation does not aid memory recall… * Deese - participants were presented with lists of associated words for example: thread, pin, eye, thimble, sewing, sharp. The participants were then asked to recall the words. * Deese found that a non-presented word such as needle was recalled by a large proportion of participants because they had organised it into a group with the words that had been presented. Mnemonic Techniques - artificial methods used to enhance people’s memory involving providing a structure so that even random material can be organised effectively at the time of learning and can then be easily recalled.

The following are some mnemonic techniques…
Method of Loci - used to help remember a list of unrelated words. * You would think of a route you take regularly and you would then associate the words to locations on the route. * For example, one word might...
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