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Narrative Chaining & Enhancement of Memory

Memory is the ability to store and retrieve previously learnt information. Memory can be described using a variety of models. Two of these theories are Baddeley and Hitch model and Atkinson Shiffrin model.

Both images are from Psychology VCE Units 3 & 4 – 4th Edition.

The hypothesis is that narrative chaining will increase memory recall. Memory enhancing techniques (mnemonics) are acronyms and rhymes, acrostics, peg-word method, the method of loci and narrative chaining. Narrative chaining is when linking otherwise unrelated items to one another to form a meaningful sequence or story.

As per the experimental design.
The results show that participants remembered more words using the narrative chaining mnemonic. On average, participants using narrative chaining remembered 2 more words than not using memory enhancing techniques.

P ≤ 0.04

The study was significant because the P value is ≤ 0.04.
Narrative chaining did in fact enhance memory recall because without using narrative chaining, the words go from sensory memory to short term memory and from short term memory, some go into long term memory but the rest just disappears. With narrative chaining, the words and their semantic meaning go from sensory memory to short term memory and are helped remembered by adding personal meaning to the word therefore it goes into long term memory and only a couple disappear. The variables in this study are the age of the participant, mental capability of the participants, the words and the meanings that are placed onto the words by the participants. This study could be improved by more words (15-20) and more participants. The study could have been improved by having 15-20 words because normal short term memory holds 7 + or - 2 items. The capacity normal short term memory can hold is 9 and 9 is too close to 10. The study could have been improved by having...
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