Assignment 2: Language Related Tasks

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Assignment 2: Language related tasks.

Lexis 1

We can put off sleeping for a limilted period.


To decide or arrange to delay an event or activity until a later date or time *

Concept questions:
Do we want to do this now? No
Will we delay this until a later time? Yes
Will we complete it at some point in the future? Yes

Other examples:
A businessman who puts off a meeting or an important decision, students who put off doing their assignments, an engaged couple who puts off their wedding. Extension:
An engaged couple may put off their wedding if they don’t have enough money saved up to pay for it. Students may put off doing their homework until it’s almost too late.


Put off (verb+ adverb) is a transitive phrasal verb.
Put off is normally followed by an object. In the example above the object is sleeping (verb+ing form, acting as a noun) Put off is also separable, i.e. you can separate the verb part from the adverb. However, if you change the direct object to a pronoun, i.e., it, it then becomes inseparable (see examples below)

We can put it off for a limited period. √
We can put off it for a limited period. X


We can put off sleeping for a limited period

There is one syllable in each part of the verb phrase. The main stress is placed on the first syllable. The underscore represents a link between the two words i.e., there is no interruption of airflow between them.


Put off is fairly neutral in appropriacy. There are other more formal words which may be used such as, delay or postpone. These may be used in such contexts as a letter regarding a change in schedule of a dental appointment.

Anticipated problems or solutions:

1. Problem: Ss may confuse the meaning of to put off , i.e. delay, postpone), with another meaning such as to discourage. Ss will therefore be confused with the concept of the whole sentence. Solution: Use the CQs above to show that in this context, to put off means to delay rather than to deter someone from something. Elicit examples of other contexts as in the examples in the section on meaning. Problem: Ss may confuse the spelling of off with of.

Solution: Elicit the correct spelling using examples such as, a piece of cake and off and on. Problem: Ss may pronounce the phasal verb as two separate words producing a plosive sound between the two syllables. Solution: Drill the two words separately and then together so that ss can detect the difference in air flow. (/pʊt/ /ɒf/ and /pʊtɒf/)

*Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Lexis 2

…the unpleasant symptoms we suffer


Signs or indications of a disorder or disease, which are not pleasing.

Concept Questions:
Do we feel well? No
Are there any signs to tell us that we feel unwell? Yes
What kind of signs do we have? Sore eyes, headache etc.
Is our condition life threatening? No
Will the conditions probably go away? Yes


Unpleasant (adjective) symptoms (noun, plural)

N.B. The word pleasant can be formed by simply removing the negative prefix un-.


…the unpleasant symptoms we suffer

/ʌnplezənt sɪmptəmz/

There are 5 syllables within the phrase. The main stresses occur on the second syllable of unpleasant and the first syllable of symptoms. The schwa sound present in /ʌnplezənt/ links the 2nd and 3rd syllable almost merging the two. (/ʌnplezənt/)

Anticipated problems and solutions

Problems: Ss may pronounce /ʌnplezənt/ as /ʌnpli:zənt/ because they are confusing it with the verb, to please. Solution: Model and drill the sound /plez/ followed by the whole word /ʌnplezənt/. Give other examples of lexis with the same spelling and pronunciation e.g., pleasure, peasant , etc. Problems: The sound /mpt/ may prove to be difficult for ss to pronounce. Solution: Drill the pronunciation of the individual letters m,p ,t. Drill the sound /mpt/ then finally the...
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