Ob Reflective Eassay

Topics: Psychology, Personality psychology, Management Pages: 4 (1323 words) Published: December 8, 2012
MGMG 504: Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management What I learned from OB. As I learned the values of organization Behavior and human resource management, I can apply and adapt this knowledge with my workplace. This subject makes me work with efficiently way and professional. Frankly speaking, I don’t know before that the behavior of human have principle to work with and there are the way to deal with different personality with solid. So It make me curious that it would be work or not. Therefore, I have applied it with my workplace and learn the people and myself with by using the personality type and many lesson learned. Let me explain you in details which topics that I use in my work place. Lesson learns that I can apply with my boss, subordinates and co-worker. I am ESTJ personality type that is the first thing that I use it immediately to learn myself because we have to know and understand myself before learn another person. What these alphabets tell me; Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking and Judging. So it can identify my self’s quite correct; I am social person, love to communicate via verbal, enjoy interacting with people and like to see the quick result. I learned the good things and bad things in my types such as I am focus too much on task and not paying enough attention to other’s feeling and values. Sometime make decision too quickly and, without considering the impact on people. Once I knew the weakness of myself. I explored myself and try to improve immediately, self-adjuster. After that, Personality type can tell me what kind of type that my co-worker, subordinated and my boss be; let me give you an example personality type of my boss and how I deal with him. My boss, Senior Director Position is INFP type which opposite with me absolutely. First thing that I knew immediately why he is INTROVERTS because he love to communicate, command and express everything via email and SMS such as My boss need me to book the karaoke room who would not call...
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