What a Star-What a Jerk

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What a star-What a Jerk

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‘What a star, What a Jerk’ is a Harvard Business review case study which deals with the basic human attributes of attitude and behaviour and the closely intertwined connection among the two. The case tries to highlight one of the most common issues faced by organisations, that is, how to handle a star performer who has a rash and bullying attitude towards others in an organisation. The basic and the most important managerial roles of setting strategies and defining goals of the team-workers and motivating them, along with frequent follow-ups, have been the prime focus of the case study under consideration.

Jane Epstein is beginning to settle down in her new work organisation named TechniCo. It is evident from the text that she has a considerably good team to work with, with an assortment of attitudes and skills. She provides an overview of her team members to her ex colleague Rick Lazarus and describes Caroline as having a huge social capital and the one who is the “agony aunt” to one and all in the organisation. Tom is a natural sales guy whereas Jack is an intellectual but somehow a shy personality. Andy Zimmerman, however, is an aggressive, bully and an ill tempered employee. He clearly lacks the qualities which a team player ought to have in today’s organisations. He does not honour others’ ideas as well as he does not take into account the margins of human errors that may occur occasionally. Nevertheless, he is smart, efficient and a stellar performer of the organisation who is ideally indispensible to the team.

Case Objectives
* Studying different behavioural patterns prevailing in an organisation. * Effective management of human resources within an organisation * Understanding and managing interpersonal relationships.

Problem Background
Jane Esptein here compares herself to a kindergarten teacher which depicts that she is facing problems in managing the workforce in her new organisation. She does not understand a simple fact that the basic role of a manager is “to manage” people. Jane is herself responsible to an extent for the mismanagement amongst her team members. She is the one who has to inform Andy that a positive and a healthy work environment is one of the most important aspects in an organisation and only his numbers and his performance will not be enough. Andy Zimmerman the star performer of the company but is highly impatient, has a lashing tongue which demotivates his peers and he also steps over his boss’s authority. Though he is not a team player, he still manages to obtain maximum business. Jane faces the crisis of not being able to handle Andy and correct his attitude towards the team.

1. Defining Roles and Responsibilities
By defining roles and responsibilities for everyone, we can make sure no one crosses his/her line and everyone does their work efficiently.

* Less scope for interference.
* Clearly defined job responsibilities ensures more productivity. Cons:
* More focus on self interest.
* Communication gap among employees.

2. Performance appraisal and 360⁰ feedback
Getting 360 ⁰ feedback during appraisal, may impact a realization on Andy that how people are thinking about him. This may lead to change in his behaviour.
* May help in aligning an employee’s attitude.
* Clear about an individual’s performance from everyone’s point of view, without targeting someone in particular. Cons:
* May arouse negative sentiments amongst employees.
* May affect an individual’s performance.

3. Appreciation at social gatherings and project parties. Giving small pat on the back to Andy...
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