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Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture
Dominant culture vs. Subcultures Strong vs. Weak Cultures Functions and Dysfunctions Changing Culture Member resistance Organization Development (OD)

Organizational Culture
A common perception held by the organization’s members Distinguishes the organization from other organizations Something implicit

A system of shared meaning

Not something that is written Set of key characteristics that the people in the organization value

Is Culture Uniform?
There will be a number of beliefs or characteristics that are shared by all members of an organization Dominant culture vs. Subcultures The core values shared by a majority of the organization’s members Core values: the primary or dominant values that are accepted throughout the organization Minicultures within an organization, typically defined by department designations and geographical separation

Strong vs. Weak Cultures
Cultures in which the core values (primary values accepted in organization) are both widely and intensely held The core values are easily identified by any member in the organization Has a great influence on the behavior of its members than weak culture

Core values are loosely held There are multiple sub-cultures that have more power or are adhered to more strongly than the organizational culture

What Do Cultures Do?
Defines boundary
Create distinctions between one organization and the others

Serves as a sense making and control mechanism Increase the consistency of employee behavior

When is Strong Culture Bad?

Difficult to assimilate other groups because of strong norms and role expectations

Changing Culture
Two Types of Change
Change that involves actions based on a carefully thought-out process that anticipates future difficulties, threats, and opportunities Change that occurs when one takes action in response to perceived problems, threats, or opportunities

Member Resistance
Change can be a...
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