Organizational Vision and Visionary Organizations

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Upendra Gupta
Organizational Vision & Visionary Organizations (Summary) Purpose of the Article:
In this article authors presents the importance of vision statement and framework that help any organization in order to achieve successfully and all stakeholders involved focus for targeting common goals. It also shows the importance and need of framework that’s required for organization vision. Most of the organizations focus on vision in order to fulfill their mission statement. Normally all of these vision or mission statements contain so many inspirational words that attract not only employees but outsider investors as well. Organization Vision is something is that’s required compelling, guiding force for mission statement. Terminologies:

* Guiding Philosophy: It’s the starting point of vision frame where organization vision focuses on decisions, policies and actions for all phase of evolution. It resides in the background, ever-present and in the woodwork and it is deep and serene. * Core values and Beliefs: These are the organization's basic precepts about what is important in business and life, how business should be conducted, its view of humanity, its role in society, the way the world works, and what is to be held inviolate. It may be focused about customers, people, products and management & business. * Purpose: It is second part of guiding philosophy and in the woodwork of the organization and is not set or created as much as it is recognized or discovered. * Environment: It serves a moderating role in the translation of purpose into mission. By its very nature, guiding philosophy is generated relatively free of current environmental conditions—it comes from within people. Missions, on the other hand, will be affected by the environment—they are affected by timing, trends, technology, and other external factors. * Tangible Image: Its second major component of vision framework. It is in the foreground, focusing...
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