Harley Davidson Case Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Marketing plan Pages: 5 (1194 words) Published: May 16, 2011

A. Corporate Structure

1. How is the corporation structured at present?

a) Is the decision-making authority centralized around one group or decentralized to many units? The decision-making authority is decentralized around domestic and foreign operations.

b) Is the corporation organized on the basis of functions, projects, geography, or some combination of these? Harley Davidson is an MNC organized by a geographic area structure. This MNC operates in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America, US, and Canada.

2. Is the structure clearly understood by everyone in the corporation? Yes. The employees are trained on regular basis to follow up with any/all changes in the structure.

3. Is the present structure consistent with current corporate objectives, strategies, policies, and programs, as well as with the firm’s international operations? Yes. The corporation’s strategies, policies, programs, and the international operations corresponds to Harley Davidson’s present geographic area structure.

4. In what ways does this structure compare with those of similar corporation? We can compare Harley Davidson’s structure with Honda Motorcycles’ structure. Both corporations are MNCs that adopted geographic area organization structure, and both sell their motorcycles globally.

Corporate Culture

5. Is there a well-defined or emerging culture composed of shared beliefs, expectations, and values? Yes. Harley Davidson’s culture believes in providing high customer satisfaction by supplying products and services that delight customers and offer value. And, also Harley Davidson’s culture values and promotes employee development, diversity, and leadership excellence.[pic]

6. Is the culture consistent with the current objectives, strategies, policies, and programs? Yes. Harley Davidson’s culture is based on providing high customer satisfaction, which it shows its consistency with the current objective to inspire and fulfill dreams around the world through Harley-Davidson motorcycling experiences. Another aspect that shows Harley Davidson’s culture consistency is the present commitment of the corporation with its employees. The Harley Davidson’s culture provides employees with continued opportunities for growth and professional development because they believe that people are their only long-term competitive advantage.

7. What is the culture’s position on important issues facing the corporation (that is, on productivity, quality of performance, adaptability to changing conditions, and internationalization)? Infused by the culture, Harley Davidson assures high quality of performance and work efficiently to produce ultimate products on demand.

8. Is the culture compatible with the employees’ diversity of backgrounds? Harley Davidson is a corporation that incentives and supports diversity in their workforce. Harley Davidson’s diversity mission is to foster a culture that integrates diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the business in order to further fulfill dreams through the experiences of motorcycling.

9. Does the company take into consideration the values of the culture of each nation in which the firm operates?

B. Corporate Resources

1. Marketing
a) What are the corporation’s current marketing objectives, strategies, policies, and programs? The company has adopted the following marketing objectives: to expand its current market (market expansion), diversify its product line (product diversification), and modify its marketing mix to target a younger demographic.

I. Are they stated or merely implied from performance and/or budgets?...
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