Nine School of Project Management Research

Topics: Project management, Problem solving, Management Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Nine schools of thoughts:

"Productive research can be conducted on the interactions between project management and related management disciplines and can explore the relevance and impact of progress in other management disciplines on project management, including issues related to professional and social responsibility, ethics, and environmental and social impact of projects.

The second dimesion of stretching is to broaden the PM scope from traditional indutries to newer industries.

"Research can be conducted on how project management is affecting other disciplines such as engineering, construction, information technology, pharmaceuticals, marketing, and operations management." [1]

"Despite the broadening use of systematic approaches to project management, the majority of related literature is focused on a handful of industries-construction, engineering, government, information technology, and utilities-that have, until recently, been the traditional areas for project management."

Currently, the non-traditional project management areas include banking, pharmaceuticals, consulting, advertising, legal, health care, safety, and non-traditional manufacturing and industrial sectors (Kerzner, 2001). In recognition of growth, scholars and practitioners have begun to include viewpoints generalized across the field as well as perspectives from specific industries." [2]

Research directions for non-traditional areas: [2]

(1) What is the availability of quality project management literature in non-traditional industries?

(2) What are the themes from the project management literature in non-traditional industries?

(3) What topics or themes from the project management literature may be generalizable to nontraditional industries?


(4) What do systematically identified articles tell us about project management in the nontraditional areas...
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