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1.0Definition of Project Manager

Project manager is the person, who is responsible for deliver the project deliverables within the budget and within the time frame, in accordance with technical specifications, and, when specified, in accomplishment of profit objectives. There is no one particular representation for a project manager. Different projects require different approaches. Project managers are more often either transformed functional managers or, specially trained professionals.

2.0Attributes of Project Manager

The Good Project Manager should have some or all of the below specified attributes.

Good Organizer
The Project Manager need to manage a group of people, keep the project budget in order and up-to-date, create an accurate status report, and schedule meetings. He/She has tend to succeed on the need to keep all of these activities together, stay on task and keep a project team moving forward. Also Project Manager needs to keep track of requirements and design documents, contracts, schedules, personnel records, project reports, communication (email) records, hiring history, meetings and status reports.

Excellent Communicator
The common thread running through all the essential skills needed to be a great Project Manager is working with people. Whether it’s defining the scope of a project, exercising change control or closing a project out, the more comfortable Project Managers are with interacting with people the more successful they will be in their role. The Project Manager is the central information repository for both project teams and the sponsors. Many times the timeliness and thoroughness of his or her communication can be critical to the success of the current tasks and the project as a whole.

The Project Manager will have to negotiate on a variety of project issues, such as availability and level of resources, schedules, priorities, standards, procedures, costs, quality and people issues. It is likely that throughout the project’s life cycle the Project Manager will be involved in many negotiation processes. The Project Manager may have to negotiate with someone over whom he has no direct authority or who has no direct authority over him. Project Managers need to be able to manage the outcome of a negotiation such that the differences in what each side gets are kept to an absolute minimum and conflict is avoided.

Confident Leader
One of the most important characteristics that a Project Manager must display is confidence. A weak Project Manager will lose control of the team, the customer, the scope, and ultimately their job. A customer will sense the weakness and either use that to take over control of the project or possibly request that the Project Manager be replaced. Skilled technical resources will never look up to their Project Manager as a competent leader if they sense they are weak in their decision making, or simply lack the technological knowledge. The Project Manager must be ready to take charge and not afraid to make tough or unpopular decisions. They also must be ready to fight for their project, their customer and their team members.

Good Listener
As important as confidence is, the Project Manager must also know when to listen and rely not on their own understanding. As Project Managers, they doomed to fail if they do not listen to others and look to their team and the customer for vital information and feedback as the project progresses. In many cases the Business Analyst is even closer to the customer and the day-to-day activities on the project and it is absolutely necessary that the Project Manager have a mutually respectful working relationship with the Business Analyst and listen carefully to their input. It may be the best information they receive throughout the project.

Well Connected in the Organization
There is no question that the Project Manager is the point person on the project team. Sometimes, in...
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