Nike Marketing Mix

Topics: Nike, Inc., Athletic shoe, Marketing Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Final case study
Marketing Mix of Nike

• Nike’s focus is athletic footwear and sport apparels for practicing sport as well as for every day usage. • Low labor prices because the production facilities are located close to the raw material. • Brand also offers few new products include sport balls, timepieces, eyewear, skates, bats, and other equipment designed for sports activities. • The most famous product categories of Nike includes: Running, Basketball, Cross-training, Outdoor activities, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Bicycling, Volley ball and other Athletic and recreational use. • Also Nike has a few “sub-brands” to sell the sports related raw materials and products: Cole Haan Holdings Inc., Nike Team Sports, Inc., Nike IHM, Inc., and Bauer Nike Hockey Inc.

• Price policy is based on competitiveness to other shoe sellers. • The prices for products depend on the type and the size.

•Nike has its individual stores as well as available at big shopping malls and departmental stores selling shoes all over the world. • Nike has more than 20,000 retailers in 200 countries.
• Sell its products through individuals, auxiliaries and licensees. • Production units, operational units and customer services are in all over the World.

• To promote brand mostly use electronic- and mass- media (commercials, official website of Nike and newspapers). • Many well-known athletes are taking part in advertising campaign. • Sponsorship of various types of events for the marketing of brand. • The Brands swoosh logo and image plays an important role in its advertisement. Porter’s 5 forces

The threat of the entry of new competitors
• Other sportswear manufacturers are expanding their portfolio. • Spread of cheap copies from the Far East.

The bargaining power of customers
• The buyers of sports footwear have changed during past time. • Increase in women purchasing the shoes.
• Different tastes and purchasing...
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